Inspiring a Culture of Accountability

Accountability isn’t something that can be demanded. True accountability must be inspired.

Unfortunately, most SBOs are usually far less equipped to effectively lead, let alone develop their team. Often they struggle to align people with their brand, handle performance management issues, and effectively manage the boss/buddy relationships required in such a tight environment. They can never find the time to create effective people systems let alone make sense of the abyss of ever-changing roles and responsibilities.

Enter Chris’s Roadmap to Freedom Seminar Series:

  • Accountability Series I: Inspire Fierce but Aligned Team Buy-In.
  • Accountability Series II: Develop a Team of Superstars.
  • Accountability Series III: Master the 30, 60, and 90-Day Accountability Conversation.

The Roadmap Seminar Series helps business owners facilitate a smooth transition from chief doer and
knowledge holder to Chief Executive Overseer of an empowered Culture of Team Accountability.

Accountability Series I: Inspiring Fierce, but Aligned, Buy-In

Inspiring Fierce, but Aligned, Buy-In

This is Chris’s signature accountability seminar built around his time-tested Roadmap to Freedom principles. The accountability seminar series events are meant to stand alone and they also build on each other. They don’t need to be delivered in order and they can be half or multi-day events!

Getting genuine buy-in on your vision is an excellent foundational seminar for leaders who have outgrown their current, informal, and often blurry infrastructure. This seminar is all about laying an accountable foundation for a “system” that communicates so “you” (the business owner) can be less necessary and work “on” the business more – instead of working “in” the business.


  • Clearly align goals and objectives with the most valuable assets for your business
  • Connect your team to a core “mantra” that promotes and protects “your” brand
  • Give and receive laser-focused feedback aimed at the most important results
  • Install a performance conversation system that guarantees ownership
  • Empower a culture of genuine support and buy-in
  • Bonus: 60 free, soft-copy accountability tools that you can use, change, and implement immediately in your business

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Accountability Series II: Creating the Right Team

Creating the Right Team

If “you” disappeared for six months, would your business be able to thrive without you ?  If you’re like many business owners out there ��� your answer rhymes with:  OH!

Part II of the Accountability Series– Creating the Right Team, will show you how to move past a desperation hire and create a “system” that gets and keeps top talent engaged, and on your team!


  • Use LinkedIn to turbocharge your talent hunt and make superstars actually chase you
  • Customize a 6-step hiring process to find the “right” kind of superstar
  • Leverage the 2-degree rule to do an offline talent search
  • Leverage the 4-questions guaranteed to inspire a more empowered and bought-in team
  • Drop your “nightmare” employees like hot-rocks and actually feel good about it
  • Bonus:  Free follow-up Inspiring Accountability Webinar

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Accountability Series III: Having the Right Conversations

Having the Right Conversations

Create the Right Message.  Craft a Superstar Team.  The last piece of the people puzzle couldn’t be easier:  Communicate…consistently.

Part III: Having the Right Conversations is a must for learning to develop systems that push maximum responsibility DOWN the chain so you can be free to focus where you should, when you should. Even the best teams need adjustments and the final piece of the accountability puzzle will show you exactly how and when to do it.

Think about it…having an empowered cast of superstars, bought into your vision, giving and receiving consistent feedback focused squarely on the most important business goals.  Truly…this is the “Roadmap to Freedom.”


  • Have 30, 60, and 90-day conversations that guarantee your team owns your vision
  • Get your team to actually “want” to be held accountable
  • Have difficult conversations and still make your team feel empowered
  • Actually find the “time” to have the meaningful conversations you need towhen you need to
  • Tailor a timeline to rollout a conversation “system” that empowers all team members to protect what’s important for the success of the business
  • Bonus:  Customized Microsoft OneNote accountability notebook

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The Business Owner’s Ultimate Annual Coaching Program

The Business Owner’s Ultimate Annual Coaching Program

“Your” Express Route to 40% more Effectiveness in 1-year!

Ready for the ultimate 12- to 18-month road trip? This is Chris’s productivity flagship, 1-on-1 annual consulting program developed specifically for small- to mid-sized business owners (SBOs). Forget “seminars” and self-paced “webinars!” This program is focused only on one thing: RESULTS!

In fact, Chris 100% guarantees to increase your effectiveness over the course of a year by at least 40% or��you don’t pay!!! That said, it’d almost be irresponsible of you to NOT take a deeper look at this one, right?! To ensure maximum focus and highly personalized attention, Chris only accepts 5 SBOs per year for this program (2-slots left in 2014).

There comes a point in every growing organization’s life-cycle where the hand-shake agreements and informal people processes simply will no longer cut it. It’s precisely at that point that most SBOs realize they just don’t have the bandwidth to personally oversee the entire team anymore. In other words, it’s time for a trusted performance accountability “system.���

You and your leadership team will work directly with Chris for a full-year to design a custom-built performance accountability system that aligns your people, key message, and goals directly with your organization’s most valuable assets. You will clarify what matters most and develop trusted measures to make sure every member of the team sees and effectively communicates about the bulls-eye. Here’s the best partyou’ll learn to do ALL of that with less effort and emotional cost than you’re paying now!!!

Sound impossible? It’s not! Consider this journey the express lane to an advanced degree in Peak Performance and Organizational Development.

A Roadmap for Your Journey

  • 4-6 Full Day in-person “Rest Stop” training days for you and your key leadership throughout the year
    • Rest Stop 1 = Personal Productivity Focus: Finding the “time” you need on the front end
    • Rest Stop 2 = Vision and Strategy Focus: Clarifying, aligning, and getting team buy-in
    • Rest Stop 3 = Team Focus: Creating a “Mantra” to get, keep, and drop the right players
    • Rest Stop 4 = Communication Focus: Sustaining a culture of accountable dialogue
  • The Guarantee: Measureable “Roadblocks” (objectives marking a 10% minimum improvement) will be co-created by the team, agreed to, and successfully removed before the journey continues
  • Private virtual discussion group created specifically for you and your team
    • Monthly webinars aligned with and supporting your quarterly in-person training sessions
    • This group is private with only you, Chris and the team members you choose
  • Lifetime access to Chris’s Public CEO Community Group: Inspiring a Culture of Accountability
    • Compare your accountability challenges with fellow CEOs from around the world
    • Get access to a community of hundreds of other CEOs dealing with similar issues
  • Develop a complete “employee journey manual” capturing the learning and processes from above
    • On-board newcomers faster by clarifying “the way we play” the game
    • Minimize employee transition gaps and solidify a trusted hiring process
  • Develop a tailored organizational health tool based on your goals to maintain your system
  • On-demand GPS guidance with 24/7/365 “private” email / phone access to Chris for both you and your team during the journey
  • Full access to the entire suite of “Roadmap” products

Fortune 500 Corporate Leadership TeamAnnual Coaching Program

100% Guaranteed Result: 20% Minimum Increase in Your Effectiveness!

You won’t find another coaching program like this anywhere in the world!

This is Chris’s flagship intensive, annual team consulting program developed specifically for Fortune 500 Corporate Leadership and Sales Teams. Forget “seminars” and self-paced “webinars!” This program is focused only on one thing: MEASURABLE RESULTS! In fact, this program guarantees to increase both your team’s effectiveness effectiveness, (i.e. you and five members of your team) by at least 20% in 1-Year guaranteed!

Having coached the very best corporate teams, across industries all around the world, Chris fully understands the reality of your maximum output in limited time reality. This top-shelf program will be tailored to help you, and each member of your team, work more effectively individually but more importantly, together. Be they sales leaders, IT engineers, creative film designers or executive assistants – all you need to do is make the commitment, and take action. Chris’s processes, constant motivation, challenging coaching, and world-class content will pave the way.

Imagine, a year from now, that you have a highly engaged and fully bought-in team that consistently clarifies and focuses on the things that matter most! Now imagine that same team, actually wanting to be held accountable because they trust, respect, and support each other.


  • Quarterly measureable results around:
    • Q1 = Minimizing Digital Overwhelm: Get 10% More Efficient
    • Q2 = Inter and Intrapersonal Savvy: Communicate 5% Better
    • Q3 = Fostering a Coaching Culture: Improve Your Coaching Skills by 5%
    • Q4 = Inspiring Accountability: Inspire 5% More Buy-In and Team Ownership
  • 4-Half (or Full) day in-person trainings for you and your key players supporting quarterly results
  • Monthly webinars supporting quarterly goals and reinforcing in-person trainings
  • Designated internal ���champions” get 1-on-1 coaching and support for rolling the content throughout the entire organization
  • Short playbooks or “booster shots” that support webinar content and give leaders a step-by-step process to implement and/or use to coach their teams
  • Chris’s game-changing “community forum” stores recorded webinars, posts, and comments, that leaders can watch and discuss with their team when most convenient for them
    • Forums can be installed securely on your server (think Facebook for your entire division)
    • The forum provides an active community for your leadership to learn and support each other on productivity, communication, coaching, and accountability challenges
  • Get 24/7/365 peace of mind with private email / phone access to Chris for both you and your team
  • Get monthly reporting validating your ROI each step of the way