Live 60-120 Minute Keynotes

Renowned peak performance expert Chris McIntyre has given workshops and trainings to Fortune 500 companies, small to medium-sized business, and non-profit organizations. The following keynotes offer the very best Chris has developed for business leaders and professionals like you.

Using Your Story to Sell MOREMore Easily!

This is Chris’s most popular keynote. Selling is easier when your customer can actually feel your authenticity. When you operate out of your story—meaning you leverage your past experiences, successes, and challenges—you can establish deeper connections which eventually leads to more sales.


  • Develop deeper, more genuinely meaningful relationships in less than 3 minutes
  • Assess the quality of your current personal and professional relationships and how to improve both
  • Define and strengthen your “unique value proposition”
  • Leverage “that thing” about you that no one else can duplicate

Chris knows that your story is the most powerful testimony you can deliver. By incorporating what you have learned and experienced to connect with your clients, you’ll be able cultivate strong and lasting relationships with them.

By telling them who you are and what you have become, you’re showing your clients a different kind of transparency. This will build your credibility, develop trustworthiness, and make sales pitches more natural and free flowing.

Are you ready to share your story to make a difference?

Getting and Keeping Email at Zero

In a world where emails haunt and taunt you wherever you are, there seems to be no escape from the email monster. This keynote provides a tactical roadmap for getting and actually keeping a spotless inbox. Sound crazy? It’s not! Here’s how you can do it and be totally at peace about it.

Learn to:

  • Get and keep your email inbox at zero (and yes…it IS possible…)
  • Find emails instantly with a simple yet flexible filing structure
  • Decrease email addiction and increase accountability
  • Spend less time trapped behind email to get the “real work” done
  • Discover the true cost of “flagging and marking as unread”

Reading the Room: Converting Customers Using EQ

Emotional intelligence (“EQ”) is the “skill” required to recognize and understand your emotions, and using that ability to better manage yourself and your relationship with others. You can also use EQ to convert customers and make them buy in to your product and service. In this dynamic keynote, Chris will walk you through the four key EQ skills based on the world’s most popular EQ model developed by TalentSmart. This will give you tactical insights which you can use instantly to coach others!

Chris tailors his EQ presention based on your organizational needs specifically in these areas:

  • Sales
  • Building trust and trustworthiness
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Leadership and Peak Performance
  • Authenticity

Chris knows that your people are your primary assets and your relationship with them determines the success of your organization.

By leveraging emotional intelligence, you can strengthen and cultivate these relationships to fortify your main competitive advantage—your people.

Are you ready to advance your emotional intelligence to the next level?

Inspiring a Culture of Accountability

It’s not easy to inspire a team of superstars to “want to” be held accountable or to think like ownersbut it IS possible. Every leader wants more accountability and this keynote will give you a tailorable roadmap you can use instantly to get it.


  • Clearly align everyone’s goals and objectives with your vision.
  • Connect your team to a measurable core message that will promote your brand.
  • Give and receive feedback focused squarely on the most important things.
  • Install a performance conversation system that the team will actually own.
  • Empower a culture of accountability and sincere buy-in.
  • Create a tailored organizational health metric that you can use instantly.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

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