What's the 'cost' of your productivity?

Maximizing productivity is all about improving your results while decreasing the cost you’ve been paying for those results. Most professionals get tangled up in the “busy-ness” trap – chasing the tyranny of the urgent, instead of doing the “real work” most aligned with organizational goals.

Are you one of the many executives often overwhelmed by the daily grind?

Does the “real work” often get handled after hours?

Have you created an addiction to checking your email inbox?

Wish you had less team and more team accountability?

If you answered a resounding YES to any of these questions, then it’s time to decrease the cost you’ve been paying for your results. It’s time to do more of what matters most, with less effort!

Intensive One-on-One Coaching

Chris McIntyre’s intensive one-on-one coaching programs guarantee a 15-30% increase in efficiency. No excuses.  No double talk. Just results!

Learn how to:

  • Transform your email inbox from thousands to ZERO
  • Prioritize real to-do’s versus vague and confusing triggers
  • Leverage tools you use everyday based on the way “you” think
  • Say NO and actually feel good about it
  • Reenergize your drive and achieve better results with less effort

Program includes:

  • One or two-full days of in-person coaching (based on your needs)
  • Follow-up coaching sessions to ensure your new habits “stick”
  • One-year free membership to Chris’s “Culture of Accountability” Leadership Forum
  • Customized process to help you integrate all of the other systems you currently use

Chris has helped hundreds of the world’s most productive leaders achieve better results, with less energy every day. He can do the same for you.

That said, seriously, can you really afford NOT to call?

Team Productivity Seminars

Chris McIntyre offers two world-class productivity seminars, each offering a very focused measurable goal for each attendee. The seminars build on each other and offer the ultimate one-two productivity punch your team needs. Seminars can be offered in half or full days and can be tailored to address specific productivity challenges.

1-Day Seminar: 15% Increase in Personal Efficiency

Learn to:

  • Get & keep your email inbox at ZERO (YES. It actually IS possible!)
  • Track “real” to-do’s versus incomplete triggers and vague reminders that overwhelm you.
  • Create a flexible, trusted system that keeps your most important work at your fingertips.
  • Leverage your calendar to know exactly what to say “NO” to.
  • Hard-wire consistent “pit-stops” to refocus, reenergize and reprioritize

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2-Day Seminar: 25% Increase in Team Effectiveness


  • Manage your agreements and get more worry-free sleep at night
  • Get in, get out and run more effective meetings (even if you’re not in charge)
  • Create team clarity around shared agreements, processes, and functions
  • Align the entire team’s goals and objectives with the most valuable business assets
  • Motivate the team by showing them how the things they do impacts the bigger picture
  • Co-create a shared accountability process and team language that everyone can adopt

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Minimizing Digital Overwhelm

Does your email inbox overwhelm you? Have you ever woken up in a panic, in the middle of the night, because another really important issue completely slipped your mind? If so, you’re not alone!

Most highly productive people ignore the OVERWHELMING COST they’ve been paying for their productivity.

These three 45 to 60-minute webinars will give you A TURN-BY-TURN ROADMAP FOR MINIMIZING YOUR DIGITAL OVERWHELM BY 10-25% OR MORE.

Part I: Tame the Email Monster!

Your Roadmap for getting and keeping your inbox at zero

  • Get and keep your email inbox at zero (and yes, it IS possible!)
  • Find emails instantly with a simple yet flexible filing structure
  • Decrease email addiction and increase accountability
  • Spend less time trapped behind email to get the “real work” done
  • Discover the true cost of “flagging and marking as unread”

BONUS: Whitepaper and tips for Outlook, Gmail, and Lotus

Part 2: Keep “All” of your Agreements! Your roadmap for dropping the old school to-do list

  • Keep a “real” to-do list that motivates (versus overwhelms) you
  • Keep strategy in mind even as you do the tactical work
  • Prioritize competing demands in a dynamic workplace
  • Know what to say “NO” to and how to feel good about it

BONUS: “Knowledge Worker” guides for ToodleDo and Omni-Focus

Part 3: Never Losing Another Thing Again!

Your roadmap for a crazy fast productivity system

  • Find anything on your computer faster than you can finish typing it
  • Setup critical pre-made quick searches and favorite folders
  • Tailor your own project structure so stuff stays where it should
  • Create templates for recurring emails and consistent deliverables
  • Keep 100% of your commitments at your fingertips

BONUS: MAC and PC “Crazy Fast” shortcut guides

Webinar Includes:

  • Three 60-minute webinars
  • Can be watched anytime, anywhere, and on any device
  • Productivity tools for you and your team
  • Q and A with Chris McIntyre (Live attendees only)

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