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The Three Keys for Inspiring Fierce, But Aligned, Team Buy-In

$ 249.00

3-Part Webinar Series + Resource Guides and Handouts

Want to learn how to get your team to see, align with, and actually buy-in to your vision? If so, you’re in luck! That’s exactly what this series is about!

It’s not easy trying to inspire your team to consistently think like owners. Many challenges, most of them invisible, stand in the way of an accountable team taking ownership for achieving a unified vision and living the organization’s values. The good news isit’s not as hard as you think to completely change all that.

This series will give you access to a tailorable and proven system that directly connects your team to a clear vision that enables your brand.

Here are the Keys For Your Journey:

Webinar 1 Roadmap: Clarify and Align Principles, Strategies, and Tactics

  • Define “all” of the things that matter most
  • Create “guiding principles” the team will actually own
  • Align “why” we do with “what” we do
  • Eliminate communication gaps around objectives
  • Crush siloed and divisive “us vs. them” thinking
  • Inspire fierce loyalty and full buy-in of your vision
  • Free Bonus I: Roadmap to Freedom eBook
  • Free Bonus II: Soft-Copy Performance Appraisal Form

Webinar 2 Roadmap: Our Mantra: Living the Values

  • Define “that thing” you do better than everyone else
  • Distinguish between “situational” and “systematic” success
  • Create a “Mantra” that promotes and protects your brand
  • Eliminate communication gaps impacting your mantra
  • Measure your Mantra, Values, and other key “soft skills”
  • Coach your team to coach each other on owning your Mantra
  • Free Bonus I: Lomingers 67-Competencies
  • Free Bonus II: Soft-Copy “Defining and Living Our Values” Template

Webinar 3 Roadmap: Let Your “System” Communicate (So “You” Don’t Have To)

  • Tailor a 90-day performance conversation “system” that guarantees buy-in
  • Create clear dashboards that connect and empower your team
  • Inspire genuine trust and team accountability
  • Learn how to speak less and still inspire more ownership
  • Free Bonus I: Automated “Scorecard” spreadsheet you can use today
  • Free Bonus II: Full Performance Appraisal Form you can use in your business