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Minimizing Digital Overwhelm Webinar Series

$ 249.00

Does your email inbox overwhelm you? Have you ever woken up in a panic, in the middle of the night, because another really important issue completely slipped your mind? If so, you’re not alone!

Most highly productive people ignore the OVERWHELMING COST they’ve been paying for their productivity.

These three 45-60 minute webinar series will give you A TURN-BY-TURN ROADMAP FOR MINIMIZING YOUR DIGITAL OVERWHELM BY 10-25% OR MORE.

Webinar 1: Getting and Keeping Email at Zero

Your Roadmap for getting and keeping your inbox at zero

  • Get and keep your email inbox at zero (and yes, it IS possible!)
  • Find emails instantly with a simple yet flexible filing structure
  • Decrease email addiction and increase accountability
  • Spend less time trapped behind email to get the “real work” done
  • Discover the true cost of “flagging and marking as unread”

BONUS: Whitepaper and tips for Outlook, Gmail, and Lotus

Webinar 2: Keeping All of Your Agreements

Your roadmap for dropping the old school to-do list

  • Keep a “real” to-do list that motivates (versus overwhelms) you
  • Keep strategy in mind even as you do the tactical work
  • Prioritize competing demands in a dynamic workplace
  • Know what to say “NO” to and how to feel good about it

BONUS: “Knowledge Worker” guides for ToodleDo and Omni-Focus

Webinar 3: Getting Crazy-fast Digitally

Your roadmap for a crazy-fast productivity system

  • Find anything on your computer faster than you can finish typing it
  • Setup critical pre-made quick searches and favorite folders
  • Tailor your own project structure so stuff stays where it should
  • Create templates for recurring emails and consistent deliverables
  • Keep 100% of your commitments at your fingertips

BONUS: MAC and PC “Crazy Fast” shortcut guides