Corporate Executives

Inspiring Your Team to Embrace a Culture of Accountability

Corporate executives are vital to the success of any organization. They are the extension of the business owners and they take on crucial leadership roles in the companies. As executives, you set the bar high as people follow your lead and take note of your competency.

Can you honestly say that your current performance in the area of work efficiency and relationship management is a good blueprint for your team to follow?

This is where personal productivity, emotional intelligence, and accountability come into play. Chris McIntyre has seen executives struggle in these areas and he has developed an array of seminars and tools that could help you overcome and rise above these challenges. He knows that when you’re able to succeed on a personal level you can easily duplicate that to other areas of your life.

1-Day Seminar: 15% Increase in Personal Efficiency

Learn to:


  • Get and keep your email inbox at ZERO (YES. It actually IS possible!)
  • Track “real” to-do’s versus incomplete triggers and vague reminders that overwhelm you.
  • Create a flexible, trusted system that keeps your most important work at your fingertips.
  • Leverage your calendar to know exactly what to say “NO” to.
  • Hard-wire consistent “pit-stops” to refocus, reenergize, and reprioritize

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2-Day Seminar: 25% Increase in Team Effectiveness


  • Manage your agreements and get more worry-free sleep at night
  • Initiate, run, and quickly get out of effective meetings (even if you’re not in charge)
  • Create team clarity around shared agreements, processes, and functions
  • Align the entire team’s goals and objectives with the most valuable business assets
  • Motivate the team by showing them how the things they do impacts the bigger picture
  • Co-create a shared accountability process and team language that everyone can adopt

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Discovering Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Matters

Whether you are aware of them or not, emotions are intertwined in everything you think, do, and say each day on the job, in your career and throughout your life. Emotional intelligence (EQ) is how you handle yourself and others on the job. Your EQ consists of four core skills.

Self-Awareness – Awareness of your own emotions and tendencies and understanding your strengths and personal style opens doors for you to…

Self-Management – Manage your reactions effectively by making better decisions & responding to challenges and opportunities productively.

Social Awareness – Awareness of the emotions of other people including unspoken cues and the mood in the room gives you the information you need to…

Relationship Management – Manage relationships by building, strengthening, and deepening your connections with the people in your social network.

People who develop their EQ communicate effectively, handle stress well, make good decisions, handle conflict productively, are better team players, respond flexibly to change, influence others more, and provide top-notch performance. This program has one purpose…TO INCREASE YOUR EQ.

Here’s what you will do:

  1. Get comprehensive EQ scores, analysis, and recommended strategies based on your profile.
  2. Discover what EQ is and why it matters at work.
  3. Explore the four EQ skills in action: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management.
  4. Analyze movie and TV clips, and discuss how to bring EQ to life in the real world.
  5. Take a free scheduled re-test and get a full change-score report to track progress.

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Developing Emotional Intelligence

Train your EQ brain

You know emotional intelligence matters, and you have begun to practice. Now you need to learn how to tackle the barriers to self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and managing relationships.

Self-Awareness – Achieve a deeper awareness of your emotions by leaning into the discomfort of those that get in your way. How well do you understand yourself under stress?

Self-Management – Knowing you should self-manage is easier than doing it well. Take control of the key driver of words and actions you later regretyour self-talk.

Social Awareness – Mastering the art of social awareness comes from analyzing what the people and situations in your work life that matter most have to offer you.

Relationship Management – When conflict ensues, the emotions that emerge before, during and after the conflict are what people fear most. Turns out, a whole host of EQ strategies can help you.

Anyone who gives ongoing attention to practicing their EQ skills will increase their self-knowledge and ability to handle stress, communicate effectively, make good decisions, manage conflict, be a team player, respond flexibly to change, influence others, and provide top-notch performance. This program has one purpose…TO INCREASE YOUR EQ.

  1. Use your EQ results to deeply analyze the four core EQ skills to take your EQ development even further.
  2. Explore your reactions to a range of emotions and lean into your discomfort for deeper self-knowledge and improved stress management.
  3. Use EQ videos to guide real-world discussions around each core EQ skill.
  4. Analyze and reframe your negative self-talk patterns.
  5. Practice observing EQ at your organization and get EQ feedback from those you work with.

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2-Day Advanced Coaching and Development Seminar

Being a leader involves different challenges. Reaching the peak of your career as a corporate executive has its own set of demands and responsibilities. One of which is leading other leaders who are under your wing. In this intensive 2-day coaching seminar, Chris will help you create simple and pragmatic solutions that will help you coach your managers to be high performers. It will also help your team learn how to motivate and coach each other! Learn how to:



  • Empower your team to elevate their performance
  • Coach your key people
  • Leverage EQ in managing your leaders
  • Develop owner mentality in your managers
  • Install proven systems that ensure peak performance
  • Create effective Performance Management Systems
  • Fuel Your Team to Embrace Your Vision

Seminar Includes:

  • 360-EQ refined or tailor-made 360 Assessments
  • Mastering the coaching conversation from start to finish
  • Coaching for Performance Accountability
  • Coaching for Development
  • Shifting from an ‘Employed’ to an ‘Empowered’ Culture
  • Aligning your vision with tactics in the minds of your leaders
  • The Art of Managing UP
  • Building a core leadership team that thinks like owners

Chris knows that your organization is built for success and this can be achieved if everyone in your team is performing to the best of their ability.

By elevating your personal efficiency, boosting team productivity, and inspiring organizational accountability you can achieve PEAK PERFORMANCE.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

EQ Appraisal- Multi-Rater (MR) Edition

MR assessments offer one of the most accurate measures of emotional intelligence, because it incorporates multiple people’s perspectives on your EQ. This is an exceptional leadership development, and coaching tool.

Features Included:

  1. Feedback from Others: Find out how others view your EQ via closed- and open-ended questions.
  2. Dynamic Online Report: Your anonymous and constructive feedback is easy to understand and print.
  3. Goal-Tracking System: Share your profile and track your progress online.
  4. Blockbuster Actors: Watch clips of your favorite actors bring emotional intelligence to life!

Why it Works:

Results are delivered in an easy-to-understand report that highlights strengths, areas for improvement, and gaps in views of your behavior on the job. Results bring EQ to life in an unlimited e-learning program featuring our proprietary Goal-Tracking System, to support lasting change.

The test uses proprietary methods developed by experts in psychological assessments who conducted research on hundreds of thousands of responses to ensure the test is both quick and accurate. The result is a reliable and valid measure of emotional intelligence from the most credible source available—those who see you in action every day.

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EQ Appraisal- 360 Refined

The 360° Refined is fast, clear, and complete. In just 15 minutes, participants deliver feedback through 75 clickable questions and 4 open-ended questions. You control the administration and watch the responses come in. Once responses are in, you open the report with a click of your mouse. Results are delivered in an easy-to-understand report that highlights strengths, areas for improvement, and differences in viewpoints between self and others. The results report includes e-learning and a complete online Goal-Tracking System to support lasting change.

Features Included:

  1. 22-Leadership Skills: Measures critical leadership skills, including emotional intelligence.
  2. Feedback from Others: Extended bar charts, item by item breakdowns by customizable groups and gap scores.
  3. Dynamic Online Report: Anonymous and constructive feedback is easy to understand and print.
  4. Goal-Tracking System: Share your profile and track your progress online.
  5. Blockbuster Actors: Watch clips of your favorite actors bring emotional intelligence to life!

Why it Works:

The TalentSmart 360�� process increases self-awareness to drive leadership skill development. Our assessment designers spent years researching the 22 skills that separate good leaders from the great ones. 360° Refined is a reliable and valid measure of the leadership skills that are critical to performance and it contains a large normative database that stands behind the scores.

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Inspiring a Culture of Accountability – Sales Executives Annual Coaching Program

Fortune 500 Corporate Leadership Team – Annual Coaching Program

100% Guaranteed Result: 20% Minimum Increase in Your Effectiveness!

You won’t find another coaching program like this anywhere in the world!

This is Chris’ flagship intensive, annual team consulting program, developed specifically for Fortune 500 Corporate Leadership and Sales Teams. Forget “seminars” and self-paced “webinars!��� This program is focused only on one thing: MEASURABLE RESULTS! In fact, this program guarantees to increase both your, and 5-members of your team’s effectiveness by at least 20% in 1-Year Guaranteed!

Having coached the very best corporate teams, across industries all around the world, Chris fully understands the reality of your maximum output in limited time reality. This top-shelf program will be tailored to help you, and each member of your team, work more effectively individually – and together. Be they sales leaders, IT engineers, creative film designers or executive assistants – all you need to make the commitment, and take the action. Chris’s process, constant motivation, challenging coaching, and world-class content will pave the way.

Imagine, a year from now, that you have a highly engaged and fully bought-in team that consistently clarifies, and focuses on the things that matter most! Now imagine that same team, actually wanting to be held accountable because they trust, respect, and support each other.


  • Quarterly measureable results around:
    • Q1 = Minimizing Digital Overwhelm: Get 10% More Efficient
    • Q2 = Inter & Intrapersonal Savvy: Communicate 5% Better
    • Q3 = Fostering a Coaching Culture: Improve Your Coaching Skills by 5%
    • Q4 = Inspiring Accountability: Inspire 5% More Buy-In and Team Ownership
  • 4-Half (or Full) day in-person trainings for you and your key players supporting quarterly results
  • Monthly webinars supporting quarterly goals and reinforcing in-person trainings
  • Designated internal “champions” get 1-on-1 coaching and support for rolling the content throughout the entire organization
  • Short playbooks, or “booster shots” that support webinar content and give leaders a step-by-step process to implement and/or use to coach their teams
  • Chris’s game-changing “community forum” stores recorded webinars, posts, and comments, leaders can watch and discuss with their team when most convenient for them
    • Forums can be installed securely on your server (think Facebook for your entire division)
    • The forum provides an active community for your leadership to learn and support each other on productivity, communication, coaching, and accountability challenges
  • Get 24/7/365 piece of mind with private email / phone access to Chris for both you and your team
  • Get monthly reporting validating your ROI each step of the way